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Individual lessons :By appointment at home or in office
Collective lessons :Thursday eveningfrom 18h30 to 19h30
Site :Maison Récamier
23, Place de l’Église  

Personal development 

Learn to act on your body and your mind to enhance:

  • Relaxation
  • Self confidence
  • Improve of its performances
  • Distance taking

Well being :

  • Contribute to find sleep
  • A repairing sleep
  • Favorise relief of digestive disorders
  • A better handling of stress
  • A better handling of emotions
  • A better body perception in order to act on it
  • Strengthening the joints, tendons
  • An improvement of balance
Different Qi Gongs taught
  • The breath of the flower
  • Cosmic breathing
  • The Qi Gong of the heart
  • The 18 movements of Taiji / Qigong Part 1
  • The 18 movements of Taiji / Qigong Part 2
  • The 8 pieces of Brocart
  • Dragon's Qi Gong
  • Stretches of meridians
  • The Qi Gong sounds
  • Harmonization of the 5 elements
  • The Qi Gong of walking
  • The flight of the crane