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Proposed training : improve or enhance performances


  • Higher personal efficiency
  • Higher creativity
  • Improve the concentration


  • Improve relationship, communication thru a better handling of emotions
  • Improve life quality at work
  • Develop the better being


  • Reduce states of stress
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reduce illnesses and work absences.

How ?

  • Stimulate the body’s energy to reinforce vitality and tone
  • Oxygenize the body thru the way of breathing to eliminate tensions
  • Perceive the sensations of the body to act on it
  • Get conscience of interaction between body and mind and the importance of adding mind intent.


  • Qi Gong is recognized by the Ministry of Health and Sports as Gymnastics of Global Health.
  • Qi Gong participates in the help and prevention of psychosocial risks in the Company.
  • Qi Gong is for everyone and every season of life.

Qi Gong uses breathing, visualization, static or moving exercises as tools.

Qi Gong allows:

  • To focus on oneself, to get back in sync with oneself.
  • To relax and therefore to distance oneself from the priorities
  • To increase its energy level and thus to be more efficient in its activity, to increase its performances
  • Improve your ability to concentrate, memorize
  • To manage your emotions and to promote a better harmony with yourself and with others.

The practice of Qi Gong will improve the well-being of employees. They will have access to their resources and will be better able to concentrate, be more effective in their daily lives.

Each company has a specific environment and the training needs to be adapted accordingly.

Training must be provided based on a target and a previously defined goal.

A present state is to be established, according to strengths, weaknesses, current risks, and desired states.

The goal will be for example to put, for some, the emphasis on obtaining a state of relaxation, for others on a better being with oneself, or on a better management of the stress.

It is also necessary to know the level of voluntarism of the interlocutors to perform a body work, on oneself; in function then it will be better to plan a work on ½ days rather than a full day, to schedule the program to overcome the brakes.